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TEDxPerth Australia - International Speaking Coach

Updated: Mar 13

THANK YOU TEDxPerth for having me as your first international speaking coach for your incredible event. As a keynote speaker, I know how important it is to engage audiences with stories that excited, entertain, and inspire. TEDxPerth embodies that ideal, and the speaking roster they curated this year was top notch.

The entire team hosted a wildly successful event and proved once again that ideas matter. The three speakers I coached all worked so hard and brought their best to the stage.

Kirk Docker, creator of the Australian TV show "You Can't Ask That", described how we can build greater connections with the people in our lives by asking better questions of them and diving deep into authenticity together.

Jarrad Seng, photographer and explorer, talked about how the point at which one feels discomfort is often the step at which others quit, give up, and go home....and that incredible experiences for us exist beyond that point.

Dr. Sandor Mulsow, acclaimed ocean scientist, talked about saving our oceans and expressed that we will have to make changes in the years ahead and used a personal story to communicate that sacrifices don't necessarily have to be hard to bear.

To the entire team: Joel Miller and Adil Bux in curation and licensing; Shil Shanghavi AFAIM and my fellow speaking coaches: Andy Farrant, Cindy Kennedy, Mark Nold, and Nathan Maddigan; the talented Michael Goh photographer (who took the photos in this post); and especially Nicole Riksman and the leadership team and TEDxPerth board: THANK YOU for honoring me with inclusion in this event. There are countless other people who offered their talents to contribute as well.

Congratulations to everyone involved for prioritizing ideas and the audience experience. And for re-igniting TEDxPerth. I look forward to the future!

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