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Greg Bennick


Strategies for juggling a world of distractions to enhance individual performance and drive organizational success.

If you want to build a better future,
build a better now. Buy Greg's new book!

Strengthening leaders and teams to be confident, rather than simply competent.

Greg Bennick knows about focus. Having spent a lifetime moving in various directions, from working with global organizations on productivity, to starting an international philanthropic nonprofit, to fronting a touring band, to speaking on stages in twenty-seven countries about human development, Greg Bennick had no idea that ADHD was a part of his path until later in life. 

With that realization, he began to explore one of the bigg
est challenges facing organizations like yours: focus. Greg examines 
distractions and how they impact individual productivity and a team's confidence.

Tracing his own journey backwards, Greg arrived at a moment of focus when he saw a single juggling ball in flight when he was a boy. That moment of clarity was the key to unlock his life's work.

In his interactive Build a Better Now® keynote, Greg explores the effects of distractions. He offers approaches to come back to center and increase efficiency when we have been pulled off track. 

We are all deeply affected by distractions. Employees are overworked, anxious, and stressed out. How does your team maintain and prioritize focus, and what impact could knowing more about that have on your productivity?

Greg shares new strategies to come back to center, as leaders, teammates, and innovators.

He transforms audiences, sharing ideas about focus learned and earned over decades of interaction and engagement with people from all around the world. His core keynote presentation - Build a Better Now® - is fun, insightful, and inspiring. It is available worldwide.


Your productivity: ENHANCED

"A highlight of the day was the electrifying keynote presentation by Greg Bennick."
-Bryon Webster, ICE2024 attendee

Research shows that over two hours in a typical work day are lost to distractions, which is no surprise when you also consider that it typically takes up to twenty-five minutes to get back on track after a distraction arises.

And none of this even speaks to the psychology of focus: the effect that distractions have on how we show up in the world and in the workplace. So what can we do to increase focus and performance, both as individuals and teams?

Now that’s a good question. Cue dramatic music, curtain opens, Greg takes the stage…


Greg offers exactly what you need from a keynote speaker: Ideas. Inspiration. Impact.

Learning to focus today makes the difference between an organization which struggles with achievement, and a solid team who can drive forward to reach its goals.

In uncertain times, gaining perspective serves as a roadmap for the path to your success.

If we want to build a better future, we need to build a better now®.


Transform your audience.

Let’s create a memorable, meaningful, and fun experience for your organization.

You are so close: really just one click away.

So focus, and get in touch…

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