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Greatness Takes Guidance

If you’re a visionary, a thought leader, C-level executive, or a head of industry, let’s develop your speaking style, work on your fear of public speaking, and then let’s create the presentation and approach you dream of.

One that delivers impact.

Shil Shanghavi of TEDxPerth Australia, on Greg Bennick as speaking coach for experts and professionals.

“Working with Greg Bennick gave me a different perspective about the person who is delivering the message: me. As a scientist, I had been focused on the point of the message, with little or no insight as to what I was feeling, or even thinking of the listeners and their experience. Thanks to Greg, that was changed forever.”

– Dr. Sandor Mulsow, UN Scientist,
(International Atomic Energy Agency)

Whether you are working on a speech, leading a country, or developing something new and brilliant that you need to share with an audience, coaching can help you communicate that message.

Greg has helped craft ideas and presentations for speakers, thought leaders, and executives in critical situations all around the world. He listens, envisions the core message you need to share, and then develops it with you.

By determining the root of the story and its intended impact, you will build and craft that message with strength and clarity. Greg helps you overcome any obstacle, especially fear of being on stage!

“The organizers said that the speech you wrote was the best acceptance speech they have ever had, and they have done this event for 29 years!”

– Deanna Oppenheimer


Creative solutions for world changers

Globally experienced, and internationally recognized.

With decades of experience offering advice and insight, Greg provides coaching, speechwriting, and creative consultation for individuals, professionals, and groups who want to experience premiere-level performance. He is the only international Speaker Coach for TEDxPerth, one of the largest TEDx events in the Southern Hemisphere. His clients have received standing ovations and are recognized leaders in their fields.

“This is magic. This is really good stuff.”

– Matt Billerbeck

(EVP, CallisonRTKL)

Greg wants the world to hear the real you. Every client he takes on receives fully customized dedication. He won’t make you conform to an idea of how he wants you to be. Working with Greg will inspire you to discover your own authentic voice and use it with confidence.

Whether you want to triumph over a lifetime of stage fright, or simply learn to give more persuasive, compelling presentations, Greg has the experience and insight to help you clarify and achieve your goals.

Public speaking is consistently rated to be more terrifying than spiders, heights, and death itself. Greg has the tools to help you through the fear!



Greg has helped craft ideas and presentations for speakers, thought leaders, and executives in critical situations worldwide.
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