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Interactive ideas that inspire

Greg Bennick has spent over thirty years making audiences laugh and inspiring people across more than twenty-five countries. He shares how to move into a better future when we focus and build a better now®.

"I told my team after your keynote: ‘If we only had half of Greg’s energy, we would be amazing!’"

- Marco van Velthoven, LeasePlan

(The Netherlands, February 2023)

Build a Better Now® describes key directives for living in the moment, each of which is a roadmap to clarity.

Greg explores the relationship between being present, having focus, and how that builds self esteem for individuals and teams.

Greg’s keynotes are interactive and engaging. He offers creative solutions for world changers, and he has fun with audiences while doing it.


Focus. How do we regain it, and why do we lose it?  And what effect does it have on our present and our future?

If you want to build a better future, build a better now®. Greg shares insights about managing constant distractions in a world which pulls us in every possible direction.

This keynote presentation is about rediscovering our focus and recognizing its relationship to self esteem. When we find focus, it allows us to be able to work even better as a team.

Some key takeaways from the Build a Better Now® keynote:

• Examining key directives: each a plan for how to better live in the moment
• Recognizing the reasons why we lose our focus
• Reconnecting to our purpose and reason for doing the work we do
• Appreciating the team we’re a part of and celebrating a feeling of shared vision
• Understanding the connection between focus and our individual and team self-esteem…and then enhancing that

When we FOCUS, opportunities are everywhere.

It is in the way we interact, how we think of ourselves, how we manage change and how we collaborate. We can’t predict the future, but we can definitely set ourselves on powerful, focused tracks to be ready for what’s to come.

We have just begun to emerge from one of the most challenging eras in human history. How will we move forward, and what will our future hold? This keynote helps us define that by helping us refine what we do and why.

“A fantastic presentation…the agents loved all your takeaways!”

- Windermere Real Estate

(50th Anniversary Conference, Seattle, October 2022)

Greg shares new angles on team building, managing conflict, leadership, and effective communication through looking at how we start building the future we want, today. It all starts with focus. Based in Seattle, he’s been flown everywhere from Syracuse to Singapore to share his unique brand of engaging ideas, and potent spoken word.

Note: The ratio of ideas to entertainment in any of Greg’s keynotes is entirely customizable. Inquire to find out more about Greg’s customization process.

“We’ve worked with many speakers and entertainers, but never before has someone taken the time and energy you did to get to know our niche industry. It was so well-received -