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Technically trained at Cornish College of the Arts (BFA) in Seattle but then realistically trained on stages around the world over decades and in front of cameras, Greg is as bald as Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now, but not nearly as famous.

That said, he's been appearing in projects from time to time (not all of which are listed here) and loves embodying roles and diving into the text of scripts for independent directors who are genuinely interesting and willing to take creative risks with their artistic and commercial work.

In addition, Greg is part of a production team spread around the west coast of the United States who come together, or work independently, to make film projects happen. Have a concept? unsure about how to bring it into reality? Send a message about what your team needs. 

Yes, have your people talk to Greg's people. 

Watch the video below for action from the film 7 Splinters in Time
 starring Greg alongside Emmanuelle Chiriqui, Austin Pendleton, Edoardo Ballerini, and more.
Luka Icarus.tif

Greg Bennick



  • 2018 “7 Splinters in Time” (Feature Film, international distribution)- starring role, John Luka

  • 1996 “The Beast Within: A Gabriel Night Mystery” (Video Game), Stage performer

  • 1996 “The Last Supper” (Short) - lead actor, The Person


2020 Holding These Moments (Documentary) - Producer
2019 On The Wild Side (Documentary) - Producer, Writer
2012 La Source (Documentary) - Co-Producer
2009 The Philosopher Kings (Documentary) - Producer
2007 Sympathy For The Devil (Documentary short) - Producer
2003 Flight From Death: The Quest For Immortality (Documentary) - Producer, Writer

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