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Radio show highlighting voices from Ukraine

Cameron Collins and I do a radio show in Seattle every Monday night called Punk Rock Pariah which covers current events, comedic approaches to random topics, and pop culture highlights.

This week we focused on the war in Ukraine and uplifted voices from Ukraine and neighboring countries where people are helping refugees: I was reading statements from friends directly enduring the war.

I’d asked for anyone from Ukraine who wanted words amplified to send anything about their situation and I would read them on the air.

By the time we had this episode finished a day later and I sent it back for friends who’d submitted statements to listen to, many of those same friends couldn’t listen because their neighborhoods were being bombed as they were writing to me. This is must listen.

(One edit when you listen: "Bezlad" is my one friend’s band not their city. That's what I get for getting confused while reading off two screens and printouts as well at the same time while live on the air)


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