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Build a Better Now® keynote on Rediscovering Our Focus for MDEXPO 2022

Yes! I still get this excited about every #keynote speech. Being a keynote speaker is a gift in my life. I never take this for granted and I love what I do!

When I made the choice at age twelve to pursue this career full time, I did it because of a love for the exhilaration and the connection and fun of it all. Interacting with audiences, and sharing ideas, still gets me so excited after all this time. With the Build a Better Now® theme, this is all accelerated immensely.

In helping people focus on what matters most, and in doing so, helping myself focus too, the idea that we build a better future when we build a better now has been a powerful guide. We are distracted at every turn and need to find ways to focus on goals, values, and missions. (For more on focus, check out my blog post about skydiving!)

Thank you to #mdexpo 2022 for having me back for a SECOND time with my Build A Better Now® keynote at last week’s national conference in Southern California. We learned that connecting to others within our company and organization around shared values is an excellent way to maintain focus in the midst of a chaotic and distracting world.

The keynote looks at the need for regaining our focus in a world filled with constant distractions, all of which throw us off center. I examine the benefits for individuals and teams that come with that. Its all about finding a renewed sense of what matters most to us, and why we matter amidst that. I had amazing interactivity and engagement from this healthcare audience. 

Some key ideas and takeaways if you are looking to increase focus:

  • Be sure to sleep more! I know it’s hard to consider doing that when there’s so much to do and if you’re like me, you find that your brain turns on at night, not off. But eight hours as a goal is a really healthy place to start.

  • Include exercise, at least a little every day. You’re going to actually feel more relaxed if you exercise each day, and you are also going to reduce tension in your neck and shoulders. This reduction in tension, through exercise of even simple stretches can help improve your concentration.

  • Consider your environment. Do you work in a noisy area? How is the lighting? How is your posture at your desk? Think through these things and consider the words offered at Homedit about creating a comfortable workspace. They have a solid idea of what needs to be done.

Also, be sure to read my other blog posts on how to improve your focus. If you have any questions anytime and want to connect, please reach out! I am here for you.

"If you want to build a better future, build a better now®."

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