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Always be emceeing...THANK YOU to the South LA Health Project

Always be emceeing…

Thank you to the South Los Angeles Health Project for having me host, emcee, and speak at their first symposium since 2017. Three hundred professionals came together to discuss how to best work on behalf of people throughout South LA who are underserved in terms of health care.

I spoke about how to build a better now through resilience as we work through challenges to change the world on behalf of others.

During the event a few slightly bizarre things happened which could have disrupted the flow of the event but didn’t  - lots of people suddenly learning they needed to move cars parked in illegal zones; the floor waxed before the event which turned sections onto an ice skating rink essentially(!); or my printed bio at a fun event, mentioning anxiety and mortality 🤣 The job of the emcee is to find the human connection amidst the unforeseen and to keep the event flow moving.

We work through challenges when we are in service to others. Whether in South LA, in Haiti (I talked about One Hundred For Haiti and the work we’ve done there for the last thirteen years), or anywhere not filled with massive amounts of support.

We keep our focus and we make it work!

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