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Always be keynoting...thank you to the WSFA for hosting Build a Better Now®

Always be keynoting…

Know your audience. Either because you were them, learned about them, or are them. It’s the only way your audience will feel like they are with you instead of just watching you.

Annual convention keynote for the WSFA in eastern Washington, a group I was a member of for the better part of a decade in the early 2000’s when I performed at fairs across the USA, invited back now to keynote their annual convention with Build a Better Now to talk about focus and team building.

Reading the room, and taking a step beyond that to really knowing the room (what people value, what means the most to them, where their pain points are, what they hope for), helps the audience feel seen as well as heard as they generously give their time listening.

WSFA members are the proverbial salt of the earth and it was great to share a few hours with a keynote and then a breakout session where we dove deep into ideas and experiences in the workplace 🙏

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