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Always Be Speaking (and Emceeing)…

Always Be Speaking (and Emceeing)…

Thanks to the 2023 Sharkey Awards for having me as keynote speaker and emcee with Build a Better Now® for their annual awards gala. I spoke on world changers and community impact and shared an idea I’ve spoken on since 1998 all over the planet about the powerful impact and extended reach that one person can have.

This was a room of nearly 200 lawyers who run firms dedicated to supporting causes around social change. Awards were given to the firms making significant impact in Washington.

Student awards were given to law students coming up who are motivated by the same values.

All this, and we all had fun having our minds blown with mentalism and wild juggling tricks. An amazing night all around. An appearance by the mayor to speak and thank everyone topped it all off.

Thank you to all the firms for trusting in me to make this happen. And congratulations to Law Firm of the Year winner Joshua Brumley of Brumley Law Firm.

You’re a legend and your star is rising.

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