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Build a Better Now® keynotes scheduled nationwide for Spring 2022!

People want to build a better future…and they realize that the way to do that is to Build a Better Now®. Keynotes are scheduled for March in New York City, April in Michigan, May in Oregon, and more to come!

The idea of building a better now is about taking a moment and recognizing where we’ve come from, what we value, who we are, and where we want to go. It is rooted in an awareness that our psychology plays a major role in our development - and examining how patterns in our minds feed into self esteem is essential if we are to move forward in the ways we want. We can think of the future, imagine a reality which doesn’t yet exist, and then create that. Its a uniquely human attribute to be able to do that, and we can start that process today.

Every single one of these keynotes, whether online or virtual, is both idea-driven, and always a good time for audiences. We can laugh at ourselves and motivate while we envision what we want moving forward.

Check back for successful stories about these and other Build a Better Now® presentations throughout the spring!

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