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Coaching Clients Gone Wild: Two Blind Brothers Wow 3000 People!

Astronomically proud of, stoked for, and excited about my dear friends Two Blind Brothers who delivered a standing ovation keynote just now in Washington DC for Vision Source.

Brad and Bryan called me to be their speaking coach for their first public TEDx speech years ago and after working on speeches with them for years to see them onstage crushing it today in front of three thousand people made me so happy.

Their story is incredible. Both diagnosed as kids with Stargardt’s Disease, they now have a clothing brand from which they give 100% of the profits to research to help cure blindness. These two are world changing heroes.

Find and watch their clip from when Ellen DeGeneres had them on the show and bought one of their shirts for everyone in her audience.

And consider buying a shirt from them. No softer shirt exists!

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