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International Bookings are Always Fun: A quick note from the Caribbean...

The stage is set for my presentation on St. Maarten in the Dutch Antilles (that’s the Caribbean for those who are map challenged). Just before doors at Casino Royale, Sonesta Maho Beach Resort tonight.

Impacting audiences as a speaker isn't just about having the right words. It's about being able to engage, to entertain, and to inspire. I like to think of it like having tools lined up in a toolbox, sharpened and ready to be effectively used when you need them.

Focusing on interaction is key. And I am so thankful for the opportunity to perform at venues like this around the world. I love to fine tune the interactive and comedic side of what I do in order to make my keynotes what they are. 

All of the opportunities I get as a keynote speaker are rooted in past experiences on stages like this: booked for laughs or for impact. Both come into play with presentations for corporate audiences when I get to bring all the past into the present moment onstage.

See you from the stage in St. Maarten!

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