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Making Magic Happen Worldwide - England a Success!

I am just back from an incredible trip to present, connect, network, and perform in England. I spent the last week in Blackpool England presenting, performing, and networking with 3500 professional magicians from around the world at the Blackpool Magic Convention with my long time friend Jonathan Levit. To share ideas with professionals from around the world, with a list of attendees from dozens of countries, was just amazing.

In many of the keynote presentations I do (like Build a Better Now™ which you can read more about here) I include creative mind reading and magic effects to enhance the ideas I am sharing from the stage, and also to make important connections for the audience about awe, communication, hope, and the power of teamwork.

As I have said for years, the “tricks” I do are metaphors for life lessons. Five objects thrown successfully into the air and juggled isn’t just a trick: its an image for what can happen for example during corporate training and development in management when we focus on our goals rather than letting distractions rule the day.

All throughout my time onstage, there are messages like that: communication for corporate leaders is expressed through laughter and what seems at first like a comedy routine, but which immediately becomes a metaphor for effective teamwork.

Team synergy is easily understood when we actually see volunteers working with me onstage to create a high-performance team in a living example before the eyes of the audience. Team motivation takes on new meaning when teamwork skills come alive. Interactive visuals work incredibly well when combined with laughter and fun. Magic, ideas, awe, and joy all work together to deliver impact.

To say England was fun barely begins to describe it. It was INCREDIBLE, with old friends and new, connections made all over the place, and brilliant professional creative minds everywhere.

Blackpool is the biggest magic convention on the planet. It was a family reunion for pro-level performers and presenters and I can’t wait for 2024 to go back again. Looking forward to it!


Blackpool morning walk with Jonathan Levit to present and perform at the convention site. Every day we put in tons of energy and it paid off immensely.

International powerhouse magic crew with German television and stage magicians Marc Sueper and Philo Kotnik, British genius Christian Grace, and Jonathan Levit.

Performing, presenting, networking on the trade show floor with performers at all levels from all over the world.

With brilliant performer Christopher Hart, known often for his work as Thing in the Addams Family movies...doesn't that hand look familiar?

With Dynamo. If you know, you know. One of Europe's all time most successful magicians and stage performers.

With my dear friend and German television magic sensation Philo Kotnik.

The Blackpool Magic Convention trade show in action, before it got wildly crowded.

With fellow vegan performer Paul Brook.  Same hair.  Same love of animals.

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