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Thank you Michelin for having me as your keynote speaker and sharing laughter and amazement as we talked about how to Build a Better Now

Why the look of terror? Well, that’s the face of someone who has been asked by 300 people to juggle a machete, an apple, and an eight foot long bundled up cord from someone’s laptop (which was already starting to unravel and flopping all over the place like Indiana Jones’ whip).

However…I survived!

Thank you to my friends at Michelin for having my “Build a Better Now” keynote at their global conference yesterday on the east coast. I focused Build a Better Now on how to bring meaning to individuals so that we strengthen teams, achieve goals, and inspire people.

Other photos: onstage with my volunteer Jordan, who ruled immensely. And then a selfie with the Michelin man, because how could I not?

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